How to Share Media with OneStream Studio

Share media with OneStream Studio

Sharing media was never this easy. With OneStream Studio, you can not only share your screen with your audience, but you can also share external media for maximum audience engagement. In this blog, we reveal how to share external media in OneStream Studio.

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🎞️ Why Share External Media during Live Streams?

Sometimes you just want to share an external file during your live stream to help make your point better. This can be a short video, an illustration, or a graphic, without having to share your screen. This may be media with confidential information that must be kept in-house or media that requires permission to view. However, it’s not about sharing informative content only; you may wish to share external media to lighten up the mood and add fun to your live streams.

Share engaging external media in your live streams to:

🎯 Grab audience attention and keep them hooked to your show

🎯 Build trust and authenticity of your content

🎯 Add visual appeal

🎯 Share important information

🎯 Set up a mood for your live streams

🧑‍💻 How to Share External Media with OneStream Studio

You can also share external media during your live stream using OneStream Studio. You can either upload your desired file from your device or play directly from your disk without uploading.

To Upload Media for Sharing:

1️⃣ Click the arrow next to the Share button in the control panel section.

Share media share
🚨 Important: If you click on Share button itself, you will be prompted for screen sharing directly.

2️⃣ If you want to upload a file from your device, click Upload.  Choose your desired video file and click Open.

Upload media share

Once the file is uploaded, it will show in the My Uploads section.

3️⃣ Click on the file, set the playback options, and click Add to Stream.

stream final 3 media share

You can set the loop count, select Loop Forever, and edit the media file name as per requirements.

The upload option allows you to add an image or video file to your live stream. The maximum upload limits are:

Image – max size 5MB, max resolution 1920 x 1080, allowed PNG, JGP, JPEG

Video – max size 20MB, max resolution 1080p, allowed MP4

💡 Pro-Tip: If you want to share a pdf, ppt, docx, or any other file type not supported for uploading, you can instead share your screen. Similarly, if you want to share an audio file, opt for screen sharing.

💡 Pro-Tip: You can also upload your custom intervals from this Upload panel.

To Add Media Directly from Disk:

1️⃣ Click the arrow next to the Share button in the control panel section.

Share media share
🚨 Important: If you click on Share button itself, you will be prompted for screen sharing directly.

2️⃣ If you want to play a file directly from your device, click Disk.

drive media share

🚨Important: Disk play only allows playing a video file. There is no max file size. However, the max file resolution is 1080p and the supported format is MP4.

3️⃣ Click Show on Stream from the participant’s left sidebar.

Drive media media share

🚨 Important: The number of allowed uploads depends upon your plan. For more information, Check Pricing Plans.

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Final Call

Media sharing can be used for anything from webinars to presentations, product demos, training sessions, corporate meetings, web conferences, and sales calls.

Get started with OneStream Studio and explore the world of endless opportunities in live streaming.

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