Pinterest TV – The Gamechanger in Live Stream Shopping

Pinterest TV and live stream shopping

Can it get more interesting than Pinterest hopping onto the live shopping trend with Pinterest TV?

Pinterest is strategically digging deeper into the realms of e-commerce with its shoppable live streams series – Pinterest TV. Debuted in November 2021, each episode of the Pinterest TV features a Pinterest creator to cover a wide array of topics every day, ranging from beauty to fashion to home to food and a lot more. Pinterest TV essentially curates popular brands and invites creators to become moderators of the episodes.

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🛒 Shoppable Pins

Like many other social media, Pinterest has been working to make video a ‘core’ to its platform. This was just the right thing to do, especially with Amazon Live shoppable live streams, Instagram live shopping experience and TikTok’s Watch tab. Earlier in July 2021, Pinterest introduced shoppable pins, which allowed the creators to tag and sell products and earn a share in profits. With live shopping becoming a significant trend, shoppable pins were a great success.

📺 Pinterest TV

Pinterest TV episodes air each weekday, Monday-Friday, at 3 p.m. PT (6 p.m. ET) in the U.S. on the iOS version of the Pinterest app. Every Friday, the episode transforms into a QVC-style shopping show, where the viewers can actively purchase exclusively featured products from different brands at special discounts. To view the episodes, the users click on the TV icon in the top left corner of the Pinterest app. The viewers can interact with the host during the live show, just like a regular live stream. Each of these episodes is recorded and made available to watch via the Pinterest app.

Pinterest hosts who become a part of Pinterest TV are able to enable live shopping experiences using various tools. These experiences include product drops and brand collaborations, a product drawer with product and pricing details, displays items left in stock, and a ‘limited time offer’ module to offer discounts.

Some of the shows announced on Pinterest TV so far include:

  • Tom Tires – Olympic gold medallist Tom Daley learns new skills from grandpas and grandmas.
  • Unfail My – Monica Suriyage and Pinterest food creators help rescue failed holiday dishes.
  • Christian On – Stars fashion designer Christian Siriano replicates the most popular fashion searches on Pinterest.
  • Manny Does – Beauty entrepreneur Manny MUA takes the most common beauty questions in a weekly series.
  • Buy This – Comedian Robyn Schall and other Pinterest creators showcase how products look and feel in real.

Pinterest is also launching a virtual studio to complement Pinterest TV. The Pinterest producers will work directly with each creator to develop unique content, offering backstage A/V support to make their episodes a success.

🤔 Why Pinterest TV?

So, what’s in it for the viewers?

🪁 Fresh Breath of Inspiration – Pinterest TV is an innovative way to discover inspirational content through live videos from diverse Pinterest creators from a wide variety of categories.

🪁 Connect with Creators – Pinterest TV allows the viewers to connect with their favorite creators live by reacting and commenting on their live shows.

🪁 Shop Exclusive Deals – As the Friday episode turns into an exclusive product drop, the viewers can bag special discounts.

🪁 Watch Live, Revisit Later – The viewers can view the shows live, interact with the creators in real-time, and snag exclusive deals. They can then revisit the shows later to catch anything they may have missed. They can also stay in the know on upcoming live shows by tapping ‘Remind Me’.

💡Curtain Raiser

Aimed straight at the generation that has no clue how television used to shape up consumer behavior, Pinterest TV is all set to take us back to the era of Home Shopping Network, only in a digital context. As the modern-day tech-savvy consumer is already highly influenced by social media and live streaming, Pinterest TV is entirely geared up for acing the live shopping landscape. This is a different take on live stream shopping, though, pretty different from the Amazon Live and Instagram Live shopping models. The ultimate objective is to ensure that the social media platform doesn’t lose in the race to become the go-to customer spot for e-commerce.

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