How to Live Stream 360-Degree Videos with OneStream Live?

How to live stream 360-degree videos with OneStream Live

As if regular video streaming was not attractive enough, 360-degree live streaming has taken the live streaming (Read: gaming) experience to an even more interacting level. Whether it is a sporting event, a personal skiing adventure in the Alps, or a bike ride through the Grand Canyon, 360-degree video live streaming is a mesmerizing experience for your viewers.

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🔁 What are 360-Degree Videos?

360-degree video streaming with OneStream Live

Also commonly referred to as immersive videos or spherical videos, 360-degree videos are an exciting frontier in the world of video streaming. 360-degree videos require a special 360 live streaming camera that can record in all directions simultaneously. Users can pan the camera’s view during playback on a regular screen to see all around. Hence, 360-degree videos are truly phenomenal as users can experience being right in the middle of the action.

360-degree video streaming is supported by all major social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. It thus gives you a unique opportunity to attract viewers and build a strong social media presence. Keeping in line with the latest trends and technologies, OneStream Live offers 360-degree pre-recorded video streaming support. This means you can live stream your 180° or 360° videos to multiple social platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

🎥 Selecting 360-Degree Cameras

What remains imperative to note is that not all cameras can record in 360-degrees. If you want to use this feature, you need to choose the right camera with the capability to stitch together 360-degree video instantly. This complex process requires powerful internal software, so there are specialized 360-degree cameras specifically made for this purpose.

Here are a few affordable options that you can choose from for recording your 360-degree videos to stream via OneStream Live:

Insta360 One X – a high-end 360 streaming camera that can record live streams in 4K resolution and works with Android and iOS.

Yi 360 VR – capable of shooting 5.7K 360-degree videos, controlled by the Yi 360 phone app, available for Android and iOS.

Giroptic iO – a tiny portable 360-degree camera that can attach to your phone, with the capability of shooting 4K 360 photos and videos.

Samsung Gear 360 – only compatible with Samsung phones, this is a quirky-looking camera that can shoot full 4K 360-degree videos.

🥽 360-Degree vs. VR Video Streaming

360-videos and Virtual Reality are often used interchangeably to describe immersive streaming. However, there’s technically a huge difference between the two. VR, in full implementation, allows the users to move around in an artificially-generated environment, interact with objects therein, and function like they usually would in the real world. The 360-degree video simply means that the video has been recorded in every direction at once. What limits the capacity of 360-degree streaming is that you can’t change the camera’s position – it’s determined by the person who recorded the video.

While the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for a long time, the phenomenon really took off when Oculus Rift hit the market in 2016. What absolutely changed the game was the release of a consumer-grade VR headset, Quest 2.

👉 How to Live Stream Pre-Recorded 360-Degree Videos via OneStream

Here’s how to stream a pre-recorded 360-degree video via OneStream Live:

  1. Login to your OneStream Live dashboard and click Create Event from the top bar.
  2. You can Upload from your computer, record a new screen/camera recording, or choose a video stored in your cloud storage. Supported video formats include mp4, MOV, Mkv, m4v, and WebM.
  3. Once the video is uploaded, set the TitleDescriptionDate & TimeTags, etc.
  4. Click Advanced Settings and click the check box “This live stream is 180° or 360°”.

5.  Once you are done with the settings, select your Social Account(s) and click on the Schedule button on the bottom right.

6.  The scheduled stream will now appear in the Schedules section.

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🏹 360-Degree Video Streaming – The New Frontier

360-degree video streaming is the new frontier in the live streaming industry, as the streaming technology continues to evolve and improve to support an exciting, immersive video streaming experience. 360-degree videos can generate higher traffic, more positive responses, and engagement for your live streams. OneStream Live supports 360-degree pre-recorded streaming on multiple social platforms and will hopefully be available for real-time streaming soon. As computing power escalates and compression algorithms improve efficiency, 360-video streaming will become a powerful communication medium in the foreseeable future.

With OneStream Live, you can go live in real-time using any external RTMP Source, or go live from the browser using OneStream Studio.

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