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Live stream marketing

Gone are the days when marketing strategies hovered around print media. Today, electronic media has taken over the marketing landscape with mind-boggling stats, and online marketing has evolved as the ultimate recipe for success.

Market research suggests that 80% of the audience prefers watching a live video from a brand rather than reading a blog. By this measure, it is expected that approximately 91 million subscribers will use live streaming by 2024. More interestingly, video content has been observed to increase sales intent by 97% and enhance brand association by 139%. Moreover, 64% of the users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Hence, live streaming can expand your brand’s viewership, connect your brand with broad audiences at an unprecedented scale, and lead to overwhelming results.

Live streaming has, then, paved the path for establishing brand awareness and brand recall through engaging video content. For marketers, this has emerged as a viable strategy to engage and interact with their consumers, build long-term relationships with them, and stay ahead of the competitive game.

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🎯 What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is the real-time transmission of live video over the internet. The video is recorded and transmitted simultaneously in real-time without requiring a fully downloaded file. Given its increasing popularity and widescale applications, live streaming has become a key component of digital marketing strategies, aiming to significantly transform user experience and create a sense of closeness.

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🎇 How is Live Streaming Transforming Digital Marketing?

Live streaming is being widely acknowledged for radically personalizing and transforming the overall consumer brand experience. Capitalizing upon the power of real-time engagement, live streaming allows brands to interact with their customers (both existing and potential) in real-time, work in close collaboration with them, seek real-time feedback, and measure the media impact easily. The underlying objective remains to personalize their experience, establish a long-term relationship, make them feel heard, and encourage impulsive buying. Interestingly, implementing live streaming in internet marketing is far more positive than you can imagine.

What has evolved is an over-arching term, live stream marketing, with the ultimate objective of delivering a virtual shopping experience to consumers. While it was initially adopted by influencers and video content producers, business organizations are largely embracing live stream marketing as a mainstream promotional strategy with a one-to-many approach. This innovative live commerce is undoubtedly transforming the overall shopping experience of today’s tech-savvy consumer.

🚀 Benefits of Live Streaming to Digital Marketers

🌍 Wider Audience Reach

The most widely celebrated benefit of live streaming is the enhanced reach to a broader audience. With all the fancy live-streaming ideas, brands can use this strategic maneuver to reach a much larger audience across geographic barriers. This is a way smarter and more cost-effective move than hitting a set of people with email marketing or putting up expensive billboards and hoardings. Live streaming lets marketers attract even those they didn’t even know could be interested in their products.

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📈 Improved ROI

The ultimate concern for digital marketers remains improved Return on Investment (ROI). Foremostly, it is generally easier to live stream than create a video. A standard video calls for significant effort in terms of filming, editing, and fixing. However, with a live stream, all you need to do is go live. Hence, with a considerably small investment, you can significantly impact your audience and strengthen your brand reputation.

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🗣 Extra Engagement and Visibility

Live streaming adds extra visibility to your brands. It aids in additional engagement with the target audience and allows the company to build trust and credibility amongst the consumers. Interacting with the consumers in real-time is a significant force of attraction for them and enables you to get close to your client base. At the same time, live streaming adds a face and voice to your brand and helps build long-term relationships. With different streams, you can project a strong brand personality and position your brand as a market leader in no time.

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💡 Ideas for Live Stream Marketing

Live stream marketing

So, what can marketers do with live streaming?

Here are a few brilliant live stream marketing ideas to get you started!

👉 Announcements – Use live streaming to announce the latest releases and news updates to generate a buzz of excitement.

👉 Interview – Conduct interviews with professionals in your industry, influencers, market experts, and hardcore loyal customers to create brand visibility.

👉 Events – Live stream your events to reach a wider audience. These may range from a simple product launch to live streaming conferences, presentations, webinars, and panel talks.

👉 Question & Answer Sessions – Improve brand engagement through live Q&A sessions with your existing and potential consumers and give them a platform to ask questions.

👉 Customer Support – Open up an interactive floor for discussion with both existing and potential clients.

👉 Blogger/Influencer Hosted Streams – Partner with influencers and bloggers to tell your brand story through their own lens of experience.

👉Product Demos – Showcase your products and conduct live product demos to promote its usefulness.

👉 BTS Videos – Show the human side of your brand. Share behind the scenes of your products and connect to your customers emotionally.

👉 Live Selling – Showcase your products and sell them during live shows via Live Sales.

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💪 Leverage the Power of OneStream Studio for Digital Marketing!

With live streaming on the rise, curating engaging marketing content through OneStream Live can play a significant role in converting your leads into customers. It is about time to bolster your business prospects with digital marketing, and live streaming can act as the pivot of genuine audience engagement in due regard. With OneStream Studio, a world of opportunities awaits for live stream shopping. You can:

✅ Create professional live streams and multistream your live broadcasts to over 40 social media platforms and any external web page simultaneously.

 Brand your live streams using creative overlays, including your brand logo, banners, and tickers. You can enhance the visual appeal of your live streams with intros and outros, countdown timers, intervals, and engaging thumbnails.

✅ Invite up to 10 guests to your live shows and make your broadcasts more engaging.

✅ Showcase your products during live shows and sell them online via Live Sales.

✅ Interact with your customers in real-time and respond to their chats from all platforms through a single window.

✅ Share screen or any external media such as product tutorials or branding videos during live shows.

✅ Record and save your live streams for use later. Schedule them to go live on your desired date and time later. Or create a playlist of pre-recorded videos for easy streaming.

With richer and scalable content, live streaming with OneStream Studio is bound to change how your brand interacts with your target audience.

If you don’t have live streaming as an integral component of your digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity and a massive competitive advantage.

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OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution to create, schedule, and multistream professional-looking live streams across 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously. For content-related queries and feedback, write to us at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to Write for Us!

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