5 Ways Live Streaming Can Transform Your Social Media Strategy

5 Ways Live Streaming Can Transform

Social media is an impressive marketing tool when you know how to use it. Your social media marketing strategy needs to be on point every step of the way. That means you have to regularly update it by implementing innovative ideas and seizing the opportunities as they arise. Live streaming is one of the strategic maneuvers that add the spark to your social media strategy.

There are so many ways you can use live streaming as a part of your social media strategy to skyrocket your results and make the most you’ve landed at the right place. Here are five ways live streaming can transform your social media strategy for the better.

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🔆 Boost Audience Engagement

When it comes to social media, there’s nothing more valuable than engaging with your audience. You want them to interact with your brand actively and:

  • Feel  closely connected to the brand and product;
  • Develop an emotional bond with it;
  • Get to know your company better;
  • Trust it more;
  • Feel like a part of the brand story.

Live streaming allows you to be actively engaged with your audience and interact with them in real-time. You can do all types of live streaming videos to get people to tune in, such as:

  • Q&A sessions;
  • Behind-the-scenes videos;
  • Interviews with an expert or an influencer;
  • New product unboxing.

You must acknowledge your audience, answer the questions they leave in comments, and encourage them to leave their feedback.

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🔆 Share Valuable Content

Social media is full of purely commercial or meaningless yet visually enticing content that provides no actual value. Beautiful images can only take your brand to a certain distance but can’t help make significant results.

This is why valuable content goes beyond mere aesthetics and flashy images. And, live streaming can help you pack and dynamically present the meaningful, informative content you want to share.

You can do all kinds of Live streaming sessions:

  • How-to live streams – sharing tips, tricks, and advice;
  • Product demonstration videos;
  • Explanatory & announcement videos.

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For example, if your brand offers writing assistance and, based on customer reviews and requests, you’ve decided to host a live stream titled “How to write my research paper?”. In this video, you’ll explain everything from outlining the research paper to grammar check. You’ll also provide brilliant real-time customer service, answering your audience’s questions and providing them with valuable insights and professional tips for writing.

If your live video solves a problem or gives the audience a new angle or some core information, you did a great job. Your audience will start seeing you as a credible source of information and come back for more of your content.

🔆 Strengthen Your Brand

You want to make your brand widely recognized and unique. You can only do this by reinforcing it through all the platforms you’re using-including social media.

Indeed, live streaming can help you strengthen your brand significantly. But how?

All you need to do is find a live streaming platform that allows you to brand your live videos. That includes:

  • Adding your logo;
  • Using your brand colors;
  • Use overlays to add brand information.

You can do all of this and more with  OneStream Live, your go-to professional live streaming software to make your videos recognizable and memorable. Customizing your video will help build brand awareness and get more people to note you.

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🔆 Create Urgency

You want to develop and share social media content that is trending, popular, and that people want to digest immediately. To do this, you need to create urgency around your content and make your audience feel like they’re missing out on something big.

We’ll elaborate.

When you write a blog post, it stays on your website forever. Your audience knows it’s not going away. But, a live stream video is something happening in real-time and a unique opportunity for people to interact with your brand.

That means that live streaming platforms help you get more attention around your brand and motivate people to pay attention to you now. All of this leads to the increased popularity of your live videos and helps you grow your audience and followers.

🔆 Get Personal

As we’ve already mentioned, social media has become a marketing tool predominately instead of a place where people socialize. That means that brands and companies leverage social media for advertising their services and products.

Simply put, your audience has their news feed full of ads, sponsored posts, and brands inviting them to buy, spend, and shop.

If you avoid this pushy strategy, you’ll get people to like and appreciate you more. That’s why your brand should get more personal.

What does this imply? It means your brand should:

  • Show the people behind the company;
  • Share brand stories that show vulnerability, real struggles, and are relatable;
  • Get more personal and real with the followers.

Luckily, live social media videos can help you do exactly that. With live and more natural videos, people will feel like they see the real side of you. As a result, they’ll consider you more of a friend rather than a brand they’re following. So, getting personal and emotionally connected to your followers is a massive win for you.

💎 Final Thoughts

Live streaming on social media has more power and potential than you may think. It’s a marketing gimmick that can transform your social media presence and help you develop a strong relationship with your followers.

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