Top Ideas for Valentine’s Day Videos

Ideas for Valentines

Looking for the perfect valentine’s day gift for him (or her)? How about an innovative valentine day special video that radiates your love and affection? We’ve come up with some heartfelt valentines day ideas for your videos for this February 14th. Be it your partner, parents, friends, siblings, or kids, these ideas are bound to make your loved ones smile.

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💝 Propose with a Video Message

We know that most of the V-day messages revolve around proposing to your special ones. So, with all that romance and love in the air, why not propose with a pinch of creativity this year! Send an invitation to your partner for your live stream, invite all your friends and family members to join the camaraderie, and propose your partner live on air. But make sure you go prepared.

💡 Pro-tip: Try drafting a few romantic lines or a heart-touching poem to create a compassionate video.

💌 Make a Video Collage of Special Moments

Valentine’s Day is just the right day to show your love for someone. You can put pictures of your special moments together into a beautiful collage, add some romantic/soulful music, and voila! You have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift collage video for them, with a trip down memory lane. You can even compile a few video clips from your crazy adventures together and pair them with a heartfelt message. Or you might want to add a romantic song to create a memorable V-day video message.

💡 Pro-tip: Live stream your message via OneStream Live to let them know what they mean to you.

👼Share Wit and Humor

If you have that extra dash of humor, you might want to spice things up with a witty V-day video. Well, not all Valentine’s Day wishes ought to be romantic and gooey, especially when that’s really not your style. And this might work out way better for impressing your partner if you two share a lot of inside jokes and secrets. This video can turn out to be truly unique for both of you. Try a few memes to change the frowns into smiles.

💡 Pro-tip: Use a few puns, plug in a few memes, and put your goofy side across in a witty and humorous video message.

💘Promote your Products with a Valentine's Day Sale Video

Wondering what’s in there for businesses and brands? Well, a lot more than what there is for couples 😉 V-Day isn’t just about lovey-dovey messages or showering love with each other. It is also a great promotional gimmick for brands to show extra love to their customers. If you’re a marketer looking to capitalize upon the attention that Valentine’s Day pulls along, this is the right time to pull off a promotional campaign with a promo video.

How about a V-Day sale video? Shove all those boring old sale adverts aside and create an enticing and engaging sale video instead to share over social media and other digital platforms. Better yet, announce your special offer on a live stream, multistreaming on all your social media handles, and embed the same stream on your corporate website. And enjoy all that extra love that your customers shower back for you.

🎀Make a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

You can also offer your viewers some trusted advice by putting together some fantastic gift ideas. More interestingly, you can compile them into a product showcase video and promote your own products. You can even share DIY gift ideas videos to grab your audience’s attention through creative skills sharing. Perfect Valentine’s day gift delivered!

💡 Best Idea: Make an animated video of your bestseller product and promote it as the best V-Day gift ever.

🧧Create Valentine’s Day Event Video

How about creating a heartwarming video to invite people over to your restaurant or holiday resort? Invite couples out for a romantic evening this V-Day with an eye-catchy video invite that tells people about the wonderful and cherishable experiences that await them at your destination. Such video invites are more engaging than simple text-based or WhatsApp promotional messages. You can share these videos on your social media to attract larger audiences. And once the evening mood kicks in, live stream your V-Day event on your social media and your website to let the world know what they missed out by not joining.

💡Psstt..make sure you keep a few extra slots ‘coz they’re going to be flocking towards your resort, we promise!

🎬Create an Animated Valentine's Video or Giff

Millions of people exchange cards on Valentine’s Day. How about making an animated video card this V-Day with your special message?  You can share health-felt quotes, eye-catchy graphics, and attractive backgrounds to make it a treat for your loved ones. When you’re done, you can publish your greeting card on your social channels for everyone to enjoy.

📹Creative Instagram Story Videos

Harness your creativity to make innovative short videos for your Instagram stories and reels. Express your love for your family, friends, coworkers, and even pets, with creative Instagram videos, and tag them along to make them feel special.

🫶Summing Up, with Love

Sending video messages to your loved ones is a great idea to express your emotions, whether or not you’re able to meet them in person. Live streaming these videos on special occasions like Valentine’s day is an even better idea. Here are a few tips to make these videos go viral:

💖 Keep it short, concise, and sweet

💖 Communicate your message clearly

💖 Evoke emotions with visual elements

💖 Play with wit and humor, if possible

💖 Make sure it’s creative and appealing

Ready to live stream your valentine’s video full of love and affection?

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