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We have discussed and witnessed the massive surge of video content consumption in the last few years. However, the popularity of video content does not indicate that the audio content has been forsaken. Podcasts and audiobooks are more prevalent today than ever. As per statistics, 424.2 million podcast listeners were registered worldwide in 2022, and the number is predicted to grow.

With the resurgence of audio content, we have seen multiple social platforms introducing spaces for audio content delivery.

Paul Davison and Rohan Seth invented Clubhouse in 2020. The audio-based social platform attracted a huge audience, including some recognized personalities like Oprah, Chris Rock, Ashton Kucher, and many more. Clubhouse presented people with different opportunities and has become a huge deal for individuals and businesses.

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🤔 What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-based social platform where users can create chat rooms on different topics and discuss them live. It allows people to talk to each other, tell stories, communicate ideas, develop friendships, and meet new people from around the world.

You can join different chat rooms and listen to others or join their conversation and share your thoughts. It gives the feel as if you’re at a cocktail party. You will also find podcasts on various topics, panel discussions, professional conferences, podcast-style conversations, and locked or private rooms for friends to communicate.

When it was released on iOS in 2020, it caused a lot of buzz due to its exclusivity. You had to be invited to Clubhouse and could not join Clubhouse without an invitation.

The vogue of Clubhouse compelled other social platforms to create their own audio-based features, such as Facebook Live Audio Rooms, Twitter Spaces, Spotify Greenroom, and Amazon’s Project Mic.

Several celebrities have joined Clubhouse and created rooms on various topics, and it has become famous for discussions on global and political issues.

Clubhouse is now available for both iOS and Android users, and one does not need an invitation to join anymore; it is open to download and join for free. Users can enter and leave the room anytime and participate in various conversations on diverse topics.

🧩 How to use Clubhouse?

1️⃣ Download Clubhouse from the App Store or Google Play and Sign up.

2️⃣ Add a profile photo and short bio.

3️⃣ Create connections with people by following them. Use the search function to find people or sync contacts via Instagram and Twitter.

4️⃣ Use the Backchannel chat feature to message other people.

5️⃣ Create or join clubs on different topics and interests.

6️⃣ Your Clubhouse feed is known as Hallway. You will find upcoming or active rooms, updates from people you follow, and replays of the previous rooms.

7️⃣ Join any room or create one yourself. You can search for Rooms by topic or keyword from the search bar.

8️⃣ By going to the calendar, you can find the upcoming scheduled events by other Clubs and the people you follow. You can schedule your own event by tapping the “Start a Room” button at the bottom of your Clubhouse feed and then choosing “Schedule an Event.”


👨‍💻 Clubhouse for Businesses & Brands

Clubhouse is quite new, but that does not mean it cannot provide valued recognition to your business or brand. Here are a few things that may help your business grow using Clubhouse:

🔔 Interactivity

Clubhouse has around 10 million active users weekly. It allows you to interact with new people, hold long conversations, gather meaningful insights from your customers, or interact with potential clients.

🔔 Ad-Free experience

There are no paid ads on Clubhouse. This allows small businesses to promote their brand without fearing big businesses and their huge budgets.

🔔 Build a Community

You can create a room on any topic and interact with like-minded people from around the globe.

🔔 Find Investors on Clubhouse

Venture capitalists (VCs) are a big part of Clubhouse, which means small startups can easily pitch their ideas by approaching them and sharing their business plans with them by holding meaningful conversations.

🔔 Discover New Trends

You will find big names on Clubhouse. Follow them and keep up with the latest trends and news worldwide.

🔔 Feedback and Support

Ask your followers for feedback and offer them immediate support, as it allows you to make your audience a speaker and communicate with them in real-time.

🔔 Organic Reach

At Clubhouse, you can reach far and wide, especially without advertising.

🔔 Build Influence

You do not need to have a huge gollowing to become an influencer on Clubhouse. If you’ve great speaking skills, set up a profile, start a room, invite interesting speakers or be a speaker and build influence without prior fame.

🔔 Humanize your Brand

The audio-only aspect makes Clubhouse an easy-to-use content creation app. The good news is there is no niche limitation, from a software product to same-day freight delivery, you can use Clubhouse to promote any brand. It’s much more manageable than live video because people don’t have to get camera-ready to participate; they only need a headset and their phone. With the real-time nature of the content and the ease of bringing people into the discussion, it allows you to have meaningful conversations and build know, like, and trust with your audience

🎬 Advantages of using Clubhouse

You can bank multiple benefits by live streaming on Clubhouse:

❇️ Ideal Place to Grow for New Businesses

As mentioned earlier, Clubhouse does not have paid ads, allowing startups to create a room and build their presence easily without worrying about budgets. You can strike insightful conversations with the audience, hear their views, suggest solutions, and build their trust in the brand.

❇️ Learn from the Industry Experts

You will find notable industry experts on Clubhouse sharing their insightful ideas. Simply create your clubhouse account, join their rooms, and learn from them.

❇️ Connect with Celebrities and Famous Personalities

Clubhouse has many famous personalities, and it permits people to connect with them, join their rooms, and communicate with them.

❇️ Meet Interesting People from Around the Globe

Around 10 million people use Clubhouse per week; it is a great space to meet new interesting people from around the world.

❇️ Attract Clients

The thing that will give you an edge over others is your communication skills. Clubhouse has given you a platform to connect with potential clients; all you need is to hold beneficial communication and attract them to your business.

🎮 Live Streaming on Clubhouse

Since Clubhouse is all about sound, it gives a podcast touch with the ability to go live and interact with the audience in real time. With Clubhouse, you can make the audience a part of the group of speakers.

Clubhouse has not introduced streaming via the web at the moment, but you can live stream on Clubhouse, Facebook, YouTube, and 45+ social platforms simultaneously using a workaround. You need to set up your live stream to broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and all the other platforms using a third-party tool like OneStream Live. Once you go live from OneStream Live to all the connected social platforms, go to Clubhouse using your smartphone, create a room, and simply go live. By doing so, your audience at the Clubhouse will also be able to hear your live stream and participate by becoming a speaker.

You can also share the link to your YouTube or Facebook live stream in the Clubhouse room and direct your Clubhouse audience to your other social platforms. This will aid you in reaching a wider audience.

💡 Pro-Tip: For better sound quality in Clubhouse, you must use a microphone.

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution that allows you to go live on 45+ social platforms and the web simultaneously. You can schedule your pre-recorded videos to broadcast, go live in real-time using third-party apps like OBS, Webex, Zoom, XSplit, and Streamlabs, or use our Studio to create sessions, record videos, host events, and multistream your events.

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🚀 Final Takeaway

Clubhouse was launched in 2020, and in only two years, it has grown massively. It has over 28 million downloads globally, around 700k rooms are created daily, and it was ranked 12 among the top 20 social networking apps in 2022. Leveraging Clubhouse to market your products, build brand awareness, and interact with the audience will certainly profit your business.

The audio-based social platform is still growing and adding more features to improve the experience of its users, and it should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Use OneStream Live to multistream your events and add Clubhouse to the stream to reach a broader audience.

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