6 Benefits of Live Streaming for B2B Networking Events

B2B Networking Events Live Streaming Benefits

Have you ever thought about how much live video streaming can do for your B2B networking events? 

According to the Grand View Research report, the global market for video streaming will reach USD 106.83 billion by 2023 and increase at a CAGR of 21.5% between 2024 and 2030. Live video streaming is one of the most effective B2B marketing strategies, enabling people or groups to broadcast their real-time activities. 

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The immediacy and interactive nature of live streaming offer unparalleled opportunities for B2B networking events, transforming how companies showcase their expertise, foster relationships, and drive engagement.

This article discusses the 6 crucial benefits of live streaming for B2B networking events. But before that, let’s understand what B2B live streaming is. Let’s dive in!

What is B2B Live Streaming?

B2B (Business-to-Business) live streaming refers to the use of live video broadcasts to engage, communicate, and collaborate with other businesses. It is a tool used by companies to deliver content in real time to their target business audience, which can include partners, clients, potential customers, and industry peers. B2B live streaming is often used for webinars, product launches, virtual conferences, training sessions, and other professional events.

Key Components of B2B Live Streaming

  • Choosing a reliable streaming platform that supports business needs or specialized webinar platforms. 
  • Creating a focused plan and content strategy specific to the business audience to guarantee the information is useful and pertinent.
  • Maintaining a professional appearance with good lighting, professional cameras, and clear sound is essential for high-quality video and audio production.
  • Incorporating interactive elements such as live chats, Q&A sessions, polls, QR codes, and surveys to actively involve the audience.
  • Promoting the live stream on different platforms like email marketing, social media, and business networks to draw in the appropriate viewers.
  • Having a technical support team available to address any problems that may come up during the live stream to guarantee a seamless experience.

6 Benefits of Live Streaming for B2B Networking Events

Here are six key benefits of integrating live streaming into your B2B networking strategy.

Maximize Brand Exposure for Greater Impact

Live streaming enables businesses to expand their reach to a larger audience outside of a specific location, overcoming geographical limitations and providing access to events for individuals worldwide. Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram allow you to reach thousands of viewers simultaneously. This expanded reach can significantly amplify brand visibility and recognition across various markets.

Affordable and Accessible

Traditional in-person events frequently involve significant expenses such as venue fees, travel costs, lodging, catering, and printed resources. On the contrary, live streaming greatly reduces costs while maintaining a powerful experience.

You can stream your event to a broad audience using a good-quality HD camera or smartphone and a reliable internet connection. To optimize your budget even more, you can simultaneously stream on various platforms using cost-free streaming software. This reduces expenses and increases your reach, offering a potential for higher ROI. 

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Increase Interaction and Viewer Engagement

37% of social media users find live video content the most engaging type of in-feed content. Live streaming makes it easier for your brand to communicate with its audience in real time. During the event, participants are encouraged to engage by joining discussions, posting comments, and asking questions. This in-person interaction provides a deeper sense of involvement, giving attendees a feeling of being active contributors rather than mere spectators. Since viewers are compelled to tune in at a certain moment, live streaming creates a sense of urgency that increases involvement and attendance.

Generate Valuable Data and Insights

Live streaming platforms often come equipped with advanced data analysis tools that provide real-time data on viewer actions, interaction rates, and audience characteristics. This information helps companies better understand their audience’s likes and dislikes, helping them customize upcoming content and events to cater to them more effectively. Partnering with a big data company can further enhance the analysis of this data, providing more profound insights and advanced segmentation of your audience.

Furthermore, live streaming provides instant feedback through viewer engagement, such as comments, queries, and surveys. This immediate feedback offers practical insights into which parts of the event are most engaging for the audience and highlights areas that could be enhanced.

New Income Opportunities

Live streaming B2B networking events create additional revenue opportunities by widening the potential for earning money beyond just selling tickets traditionally. Through live streaming, companies can sell virtual tickets, allowing a wider audience to participate in events they may not physically attend. Furthermore, businesses can establish different access levels, providing premium content, exclusive sessions, or on-demand access at varying price levels.

Live streaming also opens up opportunities for generating sponsorship and advertising income. Sponsors can increase their visibility with branded segments, pre-roll ads, and virtual booths. By taking advantage of these new income possibilities, companies can not just cover event hosting expenses but also create extra sources of income.

Reuse and Repurpose Content

Live stream recordings can be edited into shorter clips for social media, used as promotional material for upcoming events, or repurposed for educational purposes like webinars and training sessions. This ability to repurpose content extends the event’s lifespan and boosts the return on investment. 

By efficiently recycling and repurposing live stream content, B2B events can maintain their value, boost brand visibility, and interact with their audience for an extended period.

Level Up Your B2B Events with Live Streaming!

Embracing live streaming could significantly improve businesses’ ability to stay ahead of the curve. It breaks geographical barriers and caters to the growing demand for flexible and accessible event participation. 

Through the use of live streaming, companies can improve their networking abilities, establish more solid connections, and ultimately stimulate growth and innovation within their respective fields.

The digital future of B2B events is clearly centered around live streaming, which provides unmatched opportunities for connection and collaboration.

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