10 Best YouTube Live Alternatives for Professional Streaming in 2024

YouTube Alternatives

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about live streaming. Live streaming is a direct video feed that creators can log onto and directly interact with their audience in real-time. As opposed to pre-recorded videos, live streaming can be incredibly helpful to engage with your audience, answer their questions and seek their feedback.

YouTube is the most popular video platform out there. It is a popular choice amongst creators to stream on. Still, it may not be the ideal live streaming platform for businesses as certain restrictions may prevent you from using all the potential live streaming has to offer.

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Here’s a list of 10 other live streaming platforms for professional streaming, best alternatives to YouTube Live:

1. Facebook Live

Another mammoth of the streaming world, Facebook Live has several benefits to offer to content creators. Top of the list is that you can access the largest social network in the world, meaning greater reach for creators. Also, video creators can broadcast live from desktop and mobile devices directly to their platform pages.

Linea Borg, a lifestyle writer at Academic Brits, adds, “Let’s not forget that Facebook has 2.7 billion active users currently, and you can monetize your live video”.

2. Dacast

Dacast is an online video platform that serves professional broadcasters in dozens of industries. Dacast has inclusive packages that feature comprehensive video hosting and management, Zoom live streaming integration, SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD monetization options, amongst many other perks!

3. IBM Cloud Video

Originally designed to connect people in military service with their families back home, IBM Cloud video is an excellent alternative to YouTube Live. It’s an easy-to-use platform, with secure and good quality streaming options as well as a wide range of professional features not available on YouTube Live.

4. JW Player

JW Player was the original technology used in YouTube Live, so they must be doing something right! This platform is particularly well-known for its HTML5 video player, and it offers an affordable basic plan for broadcasters looking for a small step up from YouTube.

5. Muvi

Focused on OTT media, Muvi allows its users to multi-screen video and audio streaming. Muvi also does not require any coding knowledge, and it provides an in-built Video CMS that is managed by Muvi’s end only. It’s a great alternative to YouTube Live, and it also allows easy monetization of videos.

6. Brightcove

Brightcove is one of the OG’s, as it was founded in 2004 and one of the very first live streaming platforms to exist. It’s an ad-free platform meaning that its packages are steeper than most other streaming platforms, but their quality of service is matched by no other!

7. Panopto

Panopto is a leading streaming platform mainly focused on users from universities and schools. As it primarily concentrates on learning, professors mostly use this platform for online lectures and business conduct training courses.

8. Instagram Live

Instagram Live is an excellent option to engage with your audience in a more familiar and relaxed way. It’s a no-brainer to use, and it requires minimal effort. However, it may not be suitable for longer, more content-dense streams. Instagram Live is a feature available with any Instagram account, so there is no specific pricing required, making it the most affordable option.

9. Cincopa

Cincopa is ideal for businesses that need additional broadcasting support. It’s a unique multimedia hosting solution that provides tools for storing and managing video, photo, and audio content. Cincopa also offers a solution for live streaming. This platform is a great YouTube Live stream alternative for organizations that need to host more content than videos.

10. Vimeo

You’ve probably already heard about Vimeo and even used it a few times, as it is just as popular as YouTube Live. It’s a low-priced alternative for broadcasters with exciting features such as VOD hosting. It’s a great introductory platform if you want a streaming service but isn’t focusing too much on pumping out streaming content as the focus of your business.

Having discussed all these amazing alternatives to YouTube Live, what remains interesting to note is that you can stream to all these platforms using OneStream Live. So, what’s the wait for!

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