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Attention all aspiring live streamers and content creators! Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level? Look no further because we have the perfect solution for you. Introducing Onestream Live’s Professional Live Streaming Training Course – an immersive and comprehensive program designed to transform your streaming skills from amateur to expert in no time.

From setting up your production environment to crafting engaging content and interacting with your viewers, our course covers every aspect of live streaming, ensuring you have the expertise to make every broadcast successful. This course is packed with industry secrets and cutting-edge techniques that will make your streams shine like never before. Get ready to captivate audiences, build loyal communities, and achieve streaming greatness with our Professional Live Streaming Training Course! 

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Join Our Professional Live Streaming Training Course

Become a master of live streaming with the comprehensive course Professional Live Streaming Training: Master Onestream Live, which explores the world of Onestream Live, a powerful platform that empowers you to host live streams directly from your browser, featuring guest participation and custom branding. You can utilize third-party applications like Zoom, OBS, XSplit, and Ecamm for live streaming and even broadcast pre-recorded videos simultaneously across 45+ social media platforms and the web. Through hands-on learning and expert guidance, you will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to produce professional-grade live streams that reach a wider audience and enhance your brand presence.

What You'll Learn in Our Course

Our live streaming training course is tailored for both beginners and those looking to enhance their skills. No prior knowledge is required, and our hands-on approach ensures that you learn effectively. Whether you’re new to live broadcasting or just new to OneStream, our professional insights will guide you every step of the way.

In this course, you will learn essential skills that will elevate your live streaming game:

Master OneStream Live

Gain a thorough understanding of the OneStream Live dashboard, including its layout, features, and navigation. Learn how to utilize OneStream Live’s versatile tools and settings to enhance your live stream quality. Share your broadcasting experience and expectations, and get personalized recommendations from the instructors based on your goals.

Broadcasting to Multiple Sites

Discover the power of reaching a broader audience by streaming your content simultaneously to multiple platforms. Our step-by-step guidance on using the OneStream Studio makes it easy for you to expand your presence effortlessly.

Broadcasting Pre-recorded Content as Live

Unlock the secret to presenting pre-recorded videos as live streams. Learn the art of seamlessly blending pre-recorded content into your live broadcasts, enhancing your content strategy.

Broadcasting Live to Your Company Website

Explore the dynamics of live streaming directly to your business website. Our course will walk you through the process, ensuring a seamless integration that connects you with your audience effortlessly.

Unveiling the Technical Aspects of Live Broadcasting

Delve into the core principles of live broadcasting, gaining insights into the technical aspects and audience engagement strategies. Understand the dynamics that make live streaming an impactful and dynamic medium.

Live Broadcasting via Third-Party Apps

Learn to use third-party applications to live stream directly to OneStream Live. This means that you can use your favorite live streaming apps, such as Zoom, OBS, XSplit, or Ecamm, to capture your video and audio and then send that content to OneStream Live for publishing to multiple platforms and the web at the same time.

Agency Marketing with Live Streaming

Use live streaming to promote and grow your agency business. Live streaming can be a powerful tool for agencies to connect with potential clients, showcase their expertise, and build brand awareness. Learn how to use live streaming to market your agency for a variety of purposes, such as webinars, Q&A sessions, case studies, and product demos.

Having Fun and Enjoying Live Broadcasting

Discover the joy of live streaming! We believe in making the learning process enjoyable. Learn how to have fun while broadcasting live, turning your sessions into exciting and fulfilling experiences.

What is OneStream Live?

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution that lets you go live directly from your browser with guests and branding using OneStream Live Studio. You can live stream using any third-party app such as Zoom, OBS, XSplit, Ecamm, etc., and also live broadcast pre-recorded videos, on 45+ social media platforms and the web at the same time. Furthermore, if you do not have a website and wish to live stream on a website, then you can utilize Hosted Live Pages, which allows you to create a personalized webpage for live streaming. 

Popularity: OneStream Live is highly popular, serving over 65,000 businesses worldwide and receiving positive reviews for its features and pricing.

User Satisfaction: Reviews on sites like G2 and Capterra consistently showcase the platform’s triumphs in its cloud-based streaming service, intuitive user interface, and efficient scheduling capabilities.

Key Features of OneStream Live

Multistreaming: Broadcast your content simultaneously to more than 45 platforms, expanding your reach effortlessly.

Embed Player: Integrate a sleek and seamless player directly into your website for a cohesive viewing experience.

Unified Live Chat: Engage with your audience in real time through a centralized chat system, fostering community interaction.

Playlist Streaming: Effortlessly queue and stream a series of content, creating a curated and continuous viewing experience.

Recording: Capture and save your live streams for future reference or to share your valuable content with a broader audience.

Team Management: Collaborate seamlessly with a team, efficiently coordinating and managing your live streaming efforts.

ABR Streaming: Ensure a smooth viewing experience for your audience with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, adjusting quality based on their internet connection.

Invite Guests: Enhance your broadcasts by inviting guests to join your live sessions, promoting dynamic and collaborative content.

Branding Tools: Customize and strengthen your brand identity by utilizing tools that let you brand your live streaming content, such as Overlays, Custom Virtual Backgrounds, Countdown timers, etc.

Screen/Media Share: Share your screen or media content during live streams, adding visual richness and variety to your broadcasts.

Upload SRT files: Enhance accessibility by uploading SRT files for accurate subtitles and captions, making your content more inclusive.

Meet the Instructors

Steven J Healey: Live Video Expert and Instructor

Meet Steven J Healey, a seasoned business video show host, producer on OneStream Live, and a live video trainer. Steven has become a go-to expert in the field with a mission to empower individuals in effectively utilizing Live Video to promote their businesses or causes in 2024.

Angelika Davey: German Tutor and Translator

Angelika Davey has extensive experience in teaching both online and offline. She embraces modern teaching methods, offering face-to-face sessions as well as virtual classes through platforms such as Whereby and Zoom. Furthermore, she extends her reach through comprehensive online courses, ensuring accessibility for students across different learning preferences and geographical locations.

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OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution to create, schedule, and multistream professional-looking live streams across 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously. For content-related queries and feedback, write to us at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to Write for Us!

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