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In July 2021, TikTok initiated a pilot program called TikTok Resumes that allowed people to create and upload short video resumes. This initiative was taken considering the plight of employers after the pandemic. With the TikTok Resume program, people were allowed to introduce themselves and present their talents and skillsets in a more enhanced manner.

Standard written resumes took a backseat to the video resume revolution. Why? Because video resumes empowered individuals to showcase their unique personalities, creativity, and credibility in just minutes, all with the help of user-friendly resume builder tools.

Today, it has become common for recruiters to request candidates to submit a video resume as part of their job application. In spite of its popularity, a large number of people struggle with creating a high-quality, engaging video resume to land their dream job. This guide will help you understand a video resume, why you should make one, and how.

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🎥 What is a Video Resume?

A video resume is a video rendition of your CV. It is a short video recorded by a candidate to introduce themselves to the hiring manager. A video resume includes all the relevant information mentioned in a traditional resume, such as name, qualifications, experience, etc. Prospects document the video professionally while highlighting their core characteristics. It is a great means to display creativity.

Video resumes have allowed employers to understand the candidate’s personality before interviewing them and provided them with the ease to sort out applications and move forward with the most suitable candidates. For example, if the position demands communication skills, such as that of a chief marketing officer, demonstrate your skills by talking to your CMO executive recruiter through the video.

🔦 Benefits of a Video Resume

If you are wondering why you should create a video resume instead of using the standard resume, we have enlisted some reasons for you.

✅ A Personalized Format

Video resumes help you tailor the information as per the job or position. It is a more personalized manner to approach the recruiter. You can show emotions such as passion through your video resume and help the recruiters discover your charming personality that would be the best fit for the position.

💡 Pro-Tip: Try adding some humor to reflect your fun side.

✅ Illustrates Soft Skills

According to hiring software Ducknowl, “A video is a great way to portray soft skills such as communication abilities, personality, critical thinking, etc.”A traditional resume can never display the command you hold over people skills. A video resume opens up a new door to creatively reveal your core skills.

💡 Pro-Tip: Pay special attention to your body language.

✅ More Control Over the Content

A video resume gives you more control over the information you share with the hiring manager. For example, you can explain the gaps in the resume, which is near impossible in the traditional resume. It helps you capture the recruiter’s attention and humanizes your job application.

💡 Pro-Tip: If you’ve taken a career break, a video resume is your best chance to justify it.

✅ A Chance to Stand Out

You get the opportunity to convey to your hiring manager that you are completely plugged in with the latest trends and have enough grasp of the technology. A video resume allows you to stand out while providing you with a new strategy to land the job.

💡 Pro-Tip: Reflect your tech-savviness with awesome video editing skills.

📝Tips for Creating an Engaging Video Resume

Incorporate the following tips to create an innovative and interesting video resume:

❇️Create a Layout

A video resume without a proper layout will be a massive failure. Before you record the video, create a plan outlining your introduction and demonstrating your skillset and attributes.

Your video will negatively influence the employer if you jump from one topic to another and over-explain each point, so create a step-by-step plan that describes your abilities while proving the skills in two to three minutes.

💡 Pro-Tip: Go through the job description and document how you are the best candidate through your video resume.

❇️Understand your Audience

It is important to create the video per the company’s tone and culture. Learn about the company and the requirements of the position you are applying for, and curate your content around that information while keeping the style of your video relevant. Suppose that you are applying for the role of a graphic designer; setting an artistic tone and an aesthetic background for your video will give you an edge over others.

💡 Pro-Tip: A video resume that suits your audience and demonstrates why you are the perfect candidate will give you a better chance of landing that job.

❇️Write a Script

A video resume is not a reading of your paper resume. A video resume lets the hiring manager know more about you before the interview; it’s like a trailer before the film.

Writing the script before you begin recording the video is necessary, as it helps create it to perfection. For those unsure of what to include in their script, looking at a CV example can provide clarity on which skills and experiences to highlight in their video resume. The script should include:

  • Who are you
  • What is your experience
  • Why choose you
  • Wrap up with a closing statement

💡 Pro-Tip: An employer might not go through the entire video, so write a script that tells your story and demonstrates your capabilities in two to three sentences.

❇️Insert Value-Adding Content

A video resume should express more than the traditional resume, and you must tailor it according to the position or company you are applying for. A video resume allows you to show your capabilities, so be creative while recording it. For example, if the position demands communication skills, demonstrate your skill by talking to your recruiter through the video.

💡 Pro-Tip: Add informative content to the video, such as infographics explaining your soft skills, qualities, team spirit, and business ethics.

❇️Maintain Professional Ethics

A video resume is a means to express your true self. So, suit up as you would do for a formal interview. Do not record the video as if it is for a social site. Try to select a nice-looking background when you begin recording the video. The video background does not have to be formal; it could be a plain white wall or a set with a bookshelf that displays your intellectual personality.

💡 Pro-Tip: Wear neat, workplace-appropriate attire, such as business casual clothing

❇️Highlight your Soft Skills

Soft skills are important as they determine how well you can work with others and reflect your ethical values and personality. Video resume allows you to display them efficiently and let your hiring manager know how proficient you are at core skills.

💡 Pro-Tip: Look right into the camera while recording and speak with confidence. Begin your video by introducing yourself with a smile, and keep your spirit high till the end of the video.

❇️Choose Pro-Quality Equipment for Recording

You need a camera that provides excellent quality for recording the video resume. The last thing you want is to share a blurred and choppy video with the hiring manager. You can also record the video using your smartphone but invest in a handheld device or a tripod to avoid any instability.

💡 Pro-Tip: Get an affordable, good-quality mic and camera, and use video editing software or online video editors like FlexClip or video editor online by Movavi to add a professional-looking effect to your video resume.

❇️Revise the Video Before Submission

Rehearse several times before you start recording the video. Retry until it is perfect and makes your speech look articulated and pleasant. Make sure to review the video thoroughly before you submit it.

💡 Pro-Tip: Ask a friend to evaluate and rate your video for valid feedback.

✨Video Script Example

This is a video resume script example for you to get started:

🖊️ Final Takeaway

The entire world has gone digital, and this new change has brought endless opportunities for people to display their talents and abilities. Stand out by creating an appealing and informative video resume now!

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