How to Create and Save Multiple Profiles in OneStream Studio

How to create and save multiple profiles in OneStream Studio

When using OneStream Studio, it can be useful to have separate “ custom profiles” saved to start a session instantly with different background and layout settings. This helps you go live with your favorite background, logo, colors, and fonts without wasting time creating your desired layout for the live show.

With OneStream Studio, you can create your desired layout settings for your live streams and save them to use later in your live show. This blog reveals how you can create and save a custom profile in OneStream Studio.

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🧰 What Is A Custom Profile?

You can customize the Studio layout with your desired fonts, colors, backgrounds, and overlays and save it as a custom profile for later streaming sessions. So, you can create one profile for live streaming your internal meetings, another for the customers, and another for the shareholders’ meeting. All the profiles will be saved in the “custom profiles” section for you to use them any time.

🧐 How to Create and Save a Custom Profile?

1️⃣Login to OneStream Live Studio and click Branding on the right slide-out sidebar.

2️⃣Click Default on the right slide-out sidebar.

3️⃣From the drop-down menu, click New Profile.

4️⃣On the pop-up window, enter the profile name and click Create button.

Choose your desired profile from the list of saved profile(s), and it will appear on the canvas.

👉 You can create and customize a profile with your desired logo, banner, ticker, background, etc. If a profile is updated, the changes will be saved automatically to the designated profile.

👉 With the Basic plan, 3 profiles can be created, the Standard plan allows 6 profiles and the Professional plan user can create 9 profiles.

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