5 ways a Live Streaming Video Strategy Can Fuel Your Sales Team Endeavors

Fuel sales with live streaming

Modern customers have positive attitudes toward live streaming videos. They would rather watch live videos from a brand than read a blog or check on social media posts. So if you want to boost engagement and increase sales, it will be wise to leverage live streaming videos in your content marketing strategy.

Do you still doubt that investment in live streaming video software is worth it? Let’s talk about the top five ways live videos can empower your sales team and take your business to the next level.

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🎯 Tips to Transform Sales Strategy with Live Streaming

👉 Show that your Business is Real

Modern users are aware that there are many fake websites and phone scammers out there. For this reason, they don’t trust businesses that don’t have a solid online presence, and they don’t answer their phone when an unknown number calls.

If you want to boost your sales team efforts, you need to convince your target audience that your business is genuine and trustworthy. One of the easiest ways to do it is by leveraging live streaming videos. Your sales team can go live to:

   ✅ Present your new product

   ✅ Provide practical guidelines on how to use, install, or clean your product

   ✅ Answer frequently asked questions

   ✅ Share expert tips

Once users see that your sales agents don’t hide anything, they will believe that your business is not a scam.

Live video content strategy will help you to attract new customers and skyrocket the number of first-time purchases. The live streaming videos will benefit you a lot, especially if you have just started a new business.

👉 Make your Brand Stand Out

Since brands fiercely compete for customers’ attention, it’s getting more challenging for sales agents to attract new leads. If you want to ease your sales team’s work, you should create unique, authentic content that stands out, preferably live video content.

Most companies haven’t leveraged live streaming in their strategies yet. So the chances are you will be the first to use a streaming video app in your niche. With the help of live videos, you will engage your target audience to be easier for sales experts to move leads down the sales funnel.

👉 Interact with your Customers in Real-Time

We live in an instant gratification era, where customers don’t want to wait for days to get a response from a company via email. They want their questions to be answered right here and right now.

The best thing about live video content is that it allows you to interact with your target audience and receive real-time feedback. When your sales team goes live, it can answer your customers’ questions, react to their negative and positive comments, and provide the support they look for without delays. Eventually, the use of live streaming videos leads to an increase in sales.

👉 Build Trust with your Customers

If you want to achieve success in the long run, you should focus your efforts on improving customer loyalty and trust. You should use live videos to show how your business works and convince customers that you have nothing to hide.

For instance, you can share behind-the-scenes videos to show your audience a side of your company that others can’t see. Or you can go live to interview your happy customers. Genuine customer reviews have a significant positive impact on sales, so experts consider a live video testimonial one of the best marketing tools.

Let’s consider an example. When customers look for a reliable writing company online, they check academic writing site reviews to ensure that they provide qualified customer support and offer free revisions. When customers consider buying your product, they also want to find relevant reviews to make sure they make the right purchasing decision. So if your sales team goes live to share real customers’ stories every week, it will be easy for your team to attract new leads.

👉 Educate your Target Audience

Many innovative businesses struggle to make sales because their customers know little or nothing about their advanced technologies and solutions. If you face the same problem, you need to familiarize your target audience with your product in the first place. You should create educational content using a live streaming platform and explain how your product works.

Why should you use live video rather than pre-recorded how-to videos? It will allow you to engage your audience and encourage questions. The more questions your sales experts will answer, the more deals they will close.

🚀 Wrapping Up

A live streaming video strategy is what you need to boost your sales and achieve outstanding marketing success. You can include OneStream Live in your digital marketing strategy to offer live streams over 40+ social media, to your website, and to any custom RTMP streaming destination.

So what are you waiting for? Choose a suitable live streaming app today, and create more content to enhance your business growth.

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