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Live Studio

Real-time Streams, Recordings, Live Selling & More

Invite guests and customize dynamic live streams with OneStream Studio. Add logos, creative overlays, banners and tickers, and more to brand your live streams. Learn More

Pre-recorded Streaming

Schedule Recorded Videos to Stream Live

Create a playlist of pre-recorded videos and schedule them to go live on desired date and time. Learn More

External RTMP Encoders

Alternative to Real-time Zoom Meetings

Go live in real-time using external RTMP encoders including OBS, Zoom, XSPlit, Streamlabs and more, and thrive on real-time engagement. Learn More

Hosted Live Pages

Personalise Your Webpage for Live Streaming

Embed live streams on your personalised webpage; no external hosting required. Learn More

Complete Control

Empowering Solution for
Anyone and Everyone!

Unbeatable live streaming solution to create customized live streams. No downloads or software installations required..
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Be where your
Audience is

Live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon, Apple TV, or any other custom RTMP destination – simultaneously.
Be Everywhere
Create your presence on every platform where your community is. Reach out to them, flaunt your content, and inspire success.
Connect & Grow
Engage with your audience in real-time. Host interactive shows, live product demos, interviews, discussions, and more.

External RTMP Encoder

Compatible with
OBS, Zoom, XSplit & More

Integrated with the best RTMP encoders including OBS Studio, Elgato, Wirecast, Zoom, ECamm Live, XSplit, and many others.
Premium Quality Streaming
Monitor your stream’s health. Track your bitrate, FPS, real-time views, and more.
ABR Streaming
Enjoy flawlessly smooth playback of your live streams, free from stutters, lags, or interruptions.

Efficient Streaming

Announce Live Events

Schedule live stream events in advance. Edit event announcements as and when required.
Promote your live streams on multiple social platforms in advance to grow your audience.
Drive Anticipation
Build a buzz effect for your upcoming live event. Create hype and fear-of-missing-out to attract all the eyeballs.

Experience World-Class Streaming

Unmatched Features
for Dynamic Live Streaming

Maximize audience engagement. Record & repurpose your content for extra visibility.

Social Media
Multicast to 45+ social media platforms, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram, Twitter, Wowza, Twitch & many more.
Queue recorded vidoes in any order of your choice and schedule them to go live on multiple social media platforms.
Embed live streams on your own website or anywhere on the web to reach to a wider audience with ease.
Manage your team members to collaborate and live stream more efficiently. Keep control while delegating your responsibilities.
Cloud Storage
Import videos directly from any S3 or cloud storage and save internet bandwidth – Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, pCloud, Zoom, Webex, and more.
Efficiently manage incoming messages, comments and replies from multiple streaming platforms on a single screen.
Upload &
Upload your pre-recorded videos and schedule them for live streaming on multiple social media up to 60 days in advance.
Record and download your live streams to repurpose them later and boost your outreach.
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User Testimonials

Why Our Customers
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"I have always relied on OneStream Live due to its reliability, consistency, ease and affordability. It never fails, so it’s consistently good."

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Richard Barkar

The Incredibler Hypnotist Founder

"I wanted to be everywhere, to be on all platforms at the same time, but everyone kept saying no. Then I discovered OneStream Live, and now I can live stream on more than 45 social platforms and the web simultaneously."

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Ericka Bates

Virtual Summit Strategist, Talk Virtual

"OneStream Live has simplified the ability to stream. The scheduling feature allows flexibility and means freedom to travel, knowing that wherever we are, we can go live at ease."

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Ross Boblit

Manager JR World Travel LLC. & TV Station


“OneStream Live is the easiest to use, plug-and-play platform for live streaming. And the scalability is incredible.”

Jamie Matos
Founder, Evolt


“OneStream Live allows me to record my videos, upload them live to the system, and then have them play as live videos, whenever I want. ”

Angela Langlotz
Business, Intellectual Property and Trademark Attorney


“I have used other platforms before, but OneStream Live is so much more user-friendly.”

Rachel Hall
Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

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Frequently Asked Questions

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OneStream Live is a cloud-based service to schedule & live stream pre-recorded and real-time streams to 45+ social media platforms including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram, Twitch, or any custom RTMP streaming destination.

With powerful scheduling and multistreaming features, OneStream Live is for anyone and everyone; individual content creators, businesses, gamers, coaches, influencers, churches and other houses of worship.

You can get started with OneStream Live absolutely free. But we also have other subscription plans to suit your requirements. Check out our pricing plans.

OneStream Live supports .mp4, .mov, .m4v, and webm formats/extensions. You can also stream 180° or 360° videos with OneStream Live.
Absolutely! You can record and download your streams to repurpose later.

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