Teachers Tips and Tricks for Live Streaming a Class

Live Streaming Tips for Teachers

Technological advancement has made it easy for teachers and students to undertake their responsibilities. For example, teachers can now livestream content from wherever they are. So, it makes it possible for them to dispense knowledge to more students than with physical classrooms. An instructor can live stream educational content to an infinite number of students in different locations – it is safe to say that the instructor’s productivity increases infinitely.

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For students, it is possible for them to learn from any location at any time. For example, a student can attend college in Kansas while living in Alabama. The flexibility of this mode of learning also means even those with busy schedules can get college degrees. Live streaming of educational content still comes with more advantages, including:

  • Improves access to education.
  • Makes it easy for students to learn even during crises.
  • Makes education cheaper for students.
  • Saves time – no need for commuting to and from school.

However, some teachers are not always comfortable with live-streaming classes. For instance, they may not know how to incorporate their whiteboard into the learning process. Others may not be sure about the material to use in their online class.

Tip to Live Stream a Class Like an Expert

It is now time to deliver your content to the students. How do you ensure this process is seamless? Here are some tips for livestreaming a class successfully.

Find an Excellent Location to Stream the Class

Location is a factor you can not overlook when it comes to live streaming. Imagine streaming a class in a space with dirty walls or strange paintings. Students may find it difficult to focus on the content you deliver as they will be distracted by the background. It means they will grasp little knowledge and have trouble completing their coursework. It can even prompt them to use a college paper writing service for topics they do not understand. So, the first thing to do is to identify an excellent location to stream the class.

What does an ideal live-streaming location look like? It should be nicely illuminated to make it easy for students to see you. It should also be big enough for you, the equipment, and anything else you need for the online class. More importantly, ensure the space is clean.

Set Up the Class Streaming Equipment

Remember, you are streaming online. Thus, you require the right tech equipment to facilitate the delivery of your content. The equipment should be in top shape. You don’t want to deal with technical issues during your streaming.

The first thing to have is a top-quality camera connected to your computer – this will make it easy for students to read your non-verbal cues, including gestures and eye movements. The mic should also be in excellent condition to transmit live signals.

Your livestream location may also not have enough natural light. In this case, you require artificial lighting. The source of light you go for should be one that clearly shows your face without casting distracting shadows. Where you position it also matters.

Ensure You Have a Stable Internet Connection

You cannot dissociate live class streaming and a stable internet connection – the two go hand in hand. With a robust internet connection, students can stay connected to you and comprehend your content without glitches. Any interruption as a result of internet disconnection could cause great inconvenience to you and your students.

You should conduct a test run hours before the scheduled live class to ensure everything is in place. During this test, you can ascertain if your internet is strong enough to facilitate the live stream. If not, make the requisite adjustment. The test can also tell you if other equipment you intend to use during your class is in perfect shape. When you prepare adequately, the livestream session will be seamless.

Prepare the Content You Intend to Deliver

Your live stream is as good as the quality of the content you deliver. Now that you have the equipment, space, and stable internet in place, it’s time to prepare the content you intend to deliver. Your virtual class isn’t any different from a physical class. However, you need to make it more captivating to capture your students’ interests.

Go through the content and summarize the main points. It will help you create a systematic arrangement of the material to make it easy to deliver smoothly. You can tell your students what you intend to teach in advance. If necessary, provide links to where they can access the content. It will make it easy for them to comprehend during the live session.

Speak Clearly During the Presentation

You do not want your students to keep interrupting you because they did not hear what you were saying. You should speak clearly and at a pace that your students can follow. Make it clear to your students that they can ask questions if they do not understand anything.

Deliver Your Content Confidently

Students can tell whether you are confident by looking at how you deliver your content. Confidence is infectious – when you show it in your delivery, your students can feel they can grasp the content. And, do not make it boring – inject some fun to avoid boredom and keep students attentive. You can also incorporate visuals in your presentation.

Record Your Session

You should have a look at your presentation to know the areas you should improve. So, recording your livestream is a good idea. Also, the record can come in handy for students as they can review it later for a better comprehension of the content.

Prepare for Technical Issues

A glitch you never planned for can happen during the livestream. It does not have to get to a point where you reschedule the class. Have an alternative communication channel where you can inform your students about the problem and the way forward. For example, you can opt for a different live-streaming platform.


Make your live streaming a success with every topic you explain. Find a perfect location, set up your equipment, ensure you have a stable internet connection, and prepare your content in advance. Deliver your content confidently and make improvements in your subsequent classes.

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